PSP Games Aren’t All Dull Ports

My first column for the excellent website Bit-Tech is now up, and it looks at two original PSP games, the Japan-only Beit Hell 2000 and Exit.

"Although it is a mini-game compilation, it’s a lot stranger than that: having played it for the past couple of months, you could perhaps describe Beit Hell as a love letter to the ‘Akiba-kei’: the denizens of Tokyo’s Akihabara district, the hardcore gamer geeks who queue for hours for new consoles and who still obsess over the death of Aerith.

As you might expect from a country that was contemplating tentacle love at a time when in England a bare ankle could get you deported to the colonies, Beit Hell is a pretty warped love letter."

You can read the full article here. Please do, more hits means I’ll get recommissioned 🙂

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