Added to the wishlist: PIXEL!


[Game] PIXEL!, an Xbox 360 Arcade title, recommended by Jean Snow’s new Game blog:

“The third entry in the ‘Arkedo Series’ of retro inspired games, PIXEL! is a mostly straightforward take on the platforming genre, mixing 8-bit visuals with a current gen sheen. Arkedo still manages to give the game a very modern look, with simple but enjoyable gameplay that harkens back to old-school 2D platformers (with a few little twists). Arkedo is a French independent studio founded by Camille Guermonprez and Aurélien Regard. Releases so far include two other titles in the ‘Arkedo Series’ (the puzzle/platformer JUMP! and the puzzler SWAP!), as well as DS titles Nervous Brickdown and Big Bang Mini.”

2 thoughts on “Added to the wishlist: PIXEL!

  1. I hadn’t heard of this one, will have to look into picking it up.. I like that they’ve blown out each ‘pixal’ with space so you get that dot-matrix type effect.

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