Alternatives to wrapping paper

Couldn’t find any wrapping paper I liked for Mrs Jester’s presents – something of a dilemma, given that I was shopping in my lunch hour on the 23rd and fully intended to get to the pub after work. The answer came when I gave up and ended up, as is often the case with me, in Foyles bookshop:

A map.

Because maps are paper, too.

Plus, it would be a nice way to refer back to my sabbatical trip in the autumn to China – the Jesteress came with me for the first few days, and then had to return to the UK for work. I bought a large map of China, and wrapped her presents in it, trying to take care to leave some of the locations we’d visited together visible. Worked very well, the paper was easy to fold, and a £6 map covered all the presents.

Presents wrapped in maps

All that remains is for me to say Happy Christmas, and thanks for reading and for your comments – 2009 has been a successful one for this blog, and I think the distinction between The Wired Jester, and my personal site has been really beneficial. I hope you have a good break!

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