A week with the iPad and my family

Normally I spend my time surrounded by people who are completely comfortable with technology. They are – we are – people who work at computers all day long. That’s not a small thing. It changes your perceptions of how you approach problems, how you find information, how you communicate, how you get from A toContinue reading “A week with the iPad and my family”

Two cool Japanese iPhone apps

Via App.itize.us, a new iPhone apps blog, comes 51 Japanese Characters. Simple but fun, it features 51 Japanese “characters” – otaku, samurai, gyaru etc; give it a shake and it’ll mix and match their body parts. Secondly, from the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) and Heidelberg Japan K. K.,  “(^_^)365(O_O)” (Hello 365) tear-off calendar forContinue reading “Two cool Japanese iPhone apps”

Free iPhone apps throughout December

No, this is not a spam post1. Throughout December, you can grab an iPhone app (all games so far) for free, from the wincingly named Appvent Calendar site. Update: Fixed a wrong link. Thanks, Richard! 1 Although arguably it is Google-bait. Perhaps I should have used an obscure song lyric or pun that Google can’tContinue reading “Free iPhone apps throughout December”

Ebooks are inevitable

Three Ebooks links: 1. ArsTechnica posted an excellent article on ‘the once and future Ebook‘ that’s worth reading start to finish. Suffers perhaps from some Apple fanboyism (I’m not 100% convinced as it claims, that the iPhone/iPod have such huge potential as Ebook readers, certainly not in their current state, and it seems a bitContinue reading “Ebooks are inevitable”

How to create on-the-go playlists on the iPhone

Creating on-the-go playlists on my old 4G iPod was easy – just hold down the central button on song – and as with deleting podcasts, it took me a while to figure it out on the iPhone. As you’d expect, it’s actually pretty straightforward, and more powerful than before, as you can add and deleteContinue reading “How to create on-the-go playlists on the iPhone”

A post in 2 parts: Mark Rothko and Camerabag

Took the shot above yesterday at Tate Modern, and it’s the first one I’ve got from the iPhone’s camera that I’ve been really happy with. It’s from Tate’s excellent Mark Rothko exhibition… Part 1: Overheard at Mark Rothko Well, I say it’s excellent, but that’s if you like Rothko. If you don’t, it’s fair toContinue reading “A post in 2 parts: Mark Rothko and Camerabag”

How to delete podcasts you’ve downloaded to an iPhone with 2.2

The new 2.2 system software for the iPhone allows you to download podcast episodes straight to the phone (previously it just copied episodes downloaded via iTunes if and when you synced with your home computer). This is great, but there are some problems with the process – namely that podcasts downloaded directly to the iPhoneContinue reading “How to delete podcasts you’ve downloaded to an iPhone with 2.2”

On the quality of the iPhone’s camera

Autumn in the shire Originally uploaded by Sifter I’d been weighing up getting an iPhone for a while, ever since the new and improved 3G one launched. My existing contract with Orange featured rapacious data costs and distinctly rubbish data speeds, so the iPhone/02 combo of Exchange email, a decent mobile web browser and all-you-can-eatContinue reading “On the quality of the iPhone’s camera”