On ten years of Custom PC

I’d like to do a post of great social and political import. Ten years ago, I helped start a magazine. It’s still going, and the people running it now asked me to write a little bit about it. I was a staff writer on issue 1 of Custom PC and by issue 60-something, after fiveContinue reading “On ten years of Custom PC”

In war games, killing is fun

[I wrote this for the blog I contribute to for work, over on bit-tech. I don’t generally cross-post stuff I write for work here, but the idea for it grew out of writing the Peleliu post, so I think there’s a good case to be made that it belongs here, too.] Konami’s recently announced SixContinue reading “In war games, killing is fun”

The Custom PC book: Ultimate Guide to PC Gaming

I’m pleased to announce the first ever Custom PC book, the Ultimate Guide To PC Gaming, out just in time for Christmas on the 4th of December. It’s everything you need to know about PC gaming in one 174-page book. It went to press yesterday, so we’ll get copies in the office at the endContinue reading “The Custom PC book: Ultimate Guide to PC Gaming”

Digg and the art of the headline

[The entry has been cross posted from my work blog] When it comes to the web, there really aren’t many ways in which to gain readers for your site. Not that many practical and legal ones, anyway – sure, I could pay a dodgy bunch of Eastern European types to knock up a virus thatContinue reading “Digg and the art of the headline”