Talking about Windows 7

Warning! Awkward geekery ahead. Here’s me on the BBC website, talking about Windows 7. In short: it looks a lot like Vista, especially at this early stage – much of the stuff previewed by MS (and covered on the PC Pro blog) doesn’t appear to be in the version we had to play with. But it’s fast to install, quick to load and seems a lot less annoying, a lot snappier. So far, so good. Issue 64 went to press yesterday, maybe next week I’ll have some time to run some proper benchmarks, see how it is for gaming…

2 thoughts on “Talking about Windows 7

  1. It looks cool, but how many of those “gimmicky” gadgets will you actually use? Personally that is what the iPhone is for 😛

    The install time is pretty good too… but what have they done to paint :O lol

  2. I’m starting to get that ‘isn’t it exciting’ feeling that I had for Vista before all the feature pulls. I’m hoping it will provide a real reason to upgrade from XP, which Vista never presented me with, and stayed in that if you have it, fine, if you don’t don’t worry situation.

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