The Custom PC Podcast

At work we’ve just launched our first podcast. I’m very excited, since I’ve been really keen for us to do more stuff online and we’ve basically gone from talking about it to having it ready in just a couple of weeks. We managed to put the recording kit together for about £250, and considering weContinue reading “The Custom PC Podcast”

Make Your Own GeForce

The Custom PC website is quite a focus for me and all the other members of the mag team at the moment. I say focus, perhaps obsession is a better description 🙂 What we’ve currently got is based on an very old framework and it’s definitely looking and feeling creaky. While we’re planning a revampContinue reading “Make Your Own GeForce”

The Mince Pies Are Back!

Shockingly, it’s that time of the year again. Well, actually, no it’s not. It’s not even been Halloween yet. But at Custom, we’re well into work on Issue 40, which comes out at the end of November, making it our Christmas issue! As well as reviewing performance PC hardware, every year we do a round-upContinue reading “The Mince Pies Are Back!”

ViiV: They Want The Show To Go On

Speaking of columns, the Custom PC website has just been updated with the content from the May issue (#32), including my column on Intel’s big living room PC idea, Viiv. “By using existing software, Intel has waded into the mess that currently masquerades as ‘the digital home’. Very little of the digital home is basedContinue reading “ViiV: They Want The Show To Go On”