The Custom PC Podcast

Custom PC Podcast

At work we’ve just launched our first podcast. I’m very excited, since I’ve been really keen for us to do more stuff online and we’ve basically gone from talking about it to having it ready in just a couple of weeks. We managed to put the recording kit together for about £250, and considering we knew pretty much nothing about audio a month ago, I’m really pleased with how episode one has turned out.

It’s pretty hardcore techy stuff for the first half – so we cover Nvidia’s new cut-price DirectX10 graphics card, the GeForce 8800GTS 320MB, along with Intel’s cheap Core 2 Duos and the effects (or not) of ReadbyBoost in Windows Vista. The second half has some chat about the games charts and those ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ ads, so the tone is lighter and funnier.

If you fancy a listen:

* To subscribe in iTunes use this link.

* If you want to use another podcast program like Juice, the feed address to use is

* We’re also on Odeo, too!

My Odeo Podcast

Let me know what you think…

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