Make Your Own GeForce

The Custom PC website is quite a focus for me and all the other members of the mag team at the moment. I say focus, perhaps obsession is a better description 🙂

What we’ve currently got is based on an very old framework and it’s definitely looking and feeling creaky. While we’re planning a revamp at the moment, we’re trying to step up the amount of input we (the mag team) have into the current site, and where better to start than with Nvidia’s new graphics chip, the GeForce 8800 GTX? We went toe-to-toe with all the big hardware websites by putting up my review on launch day and following it up with Ben’s piece on the 8800 GTS the day after.

In addition to the reviews coverage, which will also be published in the mag, we also put up a neat jokey article called ‘How To Make Your Own GeForce 8800 GTX‘ – one of the complaints I often hear is about how the onward march of technology makes it so hard to keep up, so this should appeal to all those shocked by the GTX’s £500 price 🙂 The CPC site’s current architecture isn’t ideal for doing such a picture heavy piece, so we ended up hosting the slideshow on the ever-awesome Flickr. We tried submitting it to a bunch of weblogs and to Digg. Frustratingly, none of the blogs seem to have picked it up, which is a shame – but then part of the process of us being more involved in the site is to figure out what works, and what doesn’t, and how we should approach things. I think when we get more involved in linking out, people will be more inclined to link to us; knitting what we do into the community, into the wider web will be key, I think. A more-up-to-date, flexible site infrastructure should help, too.

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