Dream PCs

Custom PC Issue 37 is out, which features our annual ‘Dream PCs’ competition. We invite four top PC building companies to submit a no compromise PC – so there’s no budgetary constraints, we just want the most amazing computer going. This year, we asked four companies to enter – Scan, Vadim, Quiet PC (all UK based), and Voodoo PC (Canada). The standard was very high, and they were a lot of fun to test (although not to move to photography, as they were all massive!)

The full results are in the mag, but we also commissioned some videos from Dennis’ new in-house ‘video person’ (she’s so new I don’t know what her job title is!). You can check out the high-resolution versions on the CPC site, here, and there’s also some wallpapers to download. The videos are also on YouTube for ease of use – here’s the clip of the Voodoo, which is a stunning looking machine.

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