October cycling BHAG update

It’s starting to get dark earlier; 7:30, 7, 6:30 so that now it’s dark when I leave work, not just when I arrive. Sometimes I find cycling at night dull; there’s a flatness to the city, a literal lack of light and shade. But there are some good rides in the dark, when it’s notContinue reading “October cycling BHAG update”

February Cycling BHAG Update

(Meet The BHAG) It’s starting to get warmer; I’ve discarded the winter cap from under the helmet and the big thick winter gloves are gone too. The winter riding gear I settled on in November – Rapha Merino underlayer, Berghaus t-shirt and softshell jacket combo – is starting to feel a bit too warm, particularly as I’mContinue reading “February Cycling BHAG Update”

Six things I have learned from cycling home

The clunk of the crank and the spin of the wheels with sun in their spokes; the way your legs move like you’re running but your feet never touch the ground. Stopped traffic, the smooth swoop of a fast corner and with it the freedom of the city. I cycled quite a lot when IContinue reading “Six things I have learned from cycling home”

Where to get good coffee in London

Like most journalists, I am largely fueled by coffee – to the point that I do actually have my own cafetiere in my desk drawer at work – but getting a well made coffee in a cafe. is one of life’s great pleasures. Via the blog of Lantana, a lovely new cafe near our offices,Continue reading “Where to get good coffee in London”

A post in 2 parts: Mark Rothko and Camerabag

Took the shot above yesterday at Tate Modern, and it’s the first one I’ve got from the iPhone’s camera that I’ve been really happy with. It’s from Tate’s excellent Mark Rothko exhibition… Part 1: Overheard at Mark Rothko Well, I say it’s excellent, but that’s if you like Rothko. If you don’t, it’s fair toContinue reading “A post in 2 parts: Mark Rothko and Camerabag”

From the ‘what-were-they-thinking-department’: The Chair ‘O Bears!

Today I had to visit Harrods to buy some presents for relatives and friends I’ll soon be visiting overseas (don’t ask me why, but they all want Harrods tote bags); while there, I spotted this monstrosity – an oversized armchair made from minced up teddy bears. Children walking past it were both fascinated and shocked.Continue reading “From the ‘what-were-they-thinking-department’: The Chair ‘O Bears!”