Being a tourist at home

Stopping at St Paul's
Each issue of Custom PC is produced on a four week schedule, however, because of Easter and Christmas, every now and then we end up making a magazine in less time – these “three weeker” issues are always a bit mental, but the upside is that they create a few five week ones – and it’s the perfect time to take a bit of holiday. As a result, I’ve got all next week off, but since the Jesteress still has to go to work, I’m going to try being a tourist in my own city. So what’s on the agenda?

1. Going to see St. Paul’s. I ended up on a bus going past there a few days ago, and remembered I’ve never been inside. Time to set that straight.

2. The Hogarth show at Tate Britain. London’s big museums put on some fantastic shows, but they do tend to get very crowded, so seeing one while everyone else is at work will be fun. According to one of the freebie papers, there’s also a show at the Haunch of Venison by French artist Philippe Parreno; it contains video of a Victorian automaton, which I’d love to see.

3. Lots of reading. David Mitchell’s latest, Black Swan Green, has just come out in paperback, and I’ve also got Don Quixote on the go, plus a pile of other bits and pieces, including Michael’s Frayn’s The Human Touch, and one on the history of language entitled Empires of the Word.

4. Some more photography with my D40. According to the BBC Weather forecast, it’s going to be nice and sunny all week…

2 thoughts on “Being a tourist at home

  1. Sounds like a jolly good plan! I end up in similer situations as I have to cover some of the bank Holidays, so I always end up with more days off throughout the year than my girl. Photography days are definatly a winner 🙂

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