Finally, a use for PCI-E 1x slots

Airpace card

If you’ve bought a new motherboard in the past year or so, as well as 16x PCI Express slots for hot new graphics cards, it’s probably also got 1x PCI-E slots. Aside from some high-end RAID cards and other assorted exotica, there’s not been anything useful for the masses to stick in these; well, no longer. I found Abit makes a WiFi card with a 1x PCI-E interface called the Airpace. I picked one up for my work PC (a Shuttle) from YoYoTech for £20; hardware wise, it’s great, absolutely tiny and a cinch to install – although it’s only 802.11g, not pre-N. The software is a little weird too; so far I’ve not actually needed to use the Abit disc, with WinXP picking the card up fine on its own… Still it’s worked well enough for me to write this post 🙂

2 thoughts on “Finally, a use for PCI-E 1x slots

  1. @idk – Wifi at home’s great. No need for messy cables everywhere. Some people in my house (namely The Jesteress) appreciate that. Plus you can connect more devices to the router than you can with wires…

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