How to delete podcasts you’ve downloaded to an iPhone with 2.2

The new 2.2 system software for the iPhone allows you to download podcast episodes straight to the phone (previously it just copied episodes downloaded via iTunes if and when you synced with your home computer). This is great, but there are some problems with the process – namely that podcasts downloaded directly to the iPhone don’t show up in iTunes, so you need to delete them on the phone.

It isn’t immediately obvious (i.e. It’s completely hidden) how to do this – but it’s quite simple when you figure it out. In the iPod program, go to the list of episodes of podcasts, swipe your finger (as derisively as possible, of course) over the episode you want to get rid of – and the delete button will magically appear 🙂

12 thoughts on “How to delete podcasts you’ve downloaded to an iPhone with 2.2

  1. i deleted them by swiping my finger, but when i connect to itunes it still shows my phone as having no space because of video files. i don’t have any videos/podcasts on my phone now. i deleted them all, but no space was freed up. what’s going on?

  2. I’ve heard these instructions before but they didn’t work. The step everybody seems to be missing out on is:

    >> From your list of podcasts, tap on the one you wish to delete.

    >> On this next screen perform the ‘swipe’ motion to delete.

    It may be obvious to all of us who know how to do it, but there countless iPhone users for whom this critical step is the difference between successfully deleting a podcast or not.

  3. THANKYOU soooo Much.

    My mum would of been so mad because of internet usage downlaoded like 200.
    but thanks a heaps 🙂

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