Arrivals Desk: Helping Out Those Who Just Got Off The Google Express

The stats program I use for this site lets me know how peole arrive; a few use the URL, which is nice, because it means they’re people who actually wanted to come and read the site, but a lot arrive through Google. Looking through the terms they use really makes me think that perhaps Google is not quite the uber search-engine it appears to be (or once was, perhaps?). I use a free stats program, so it only holds the last twenty search engine queries.   

So let’s see now….
1. ‘CC Torrents UK’ – well, the whole site is Creative Commons licensed, and I’ve written a couple of posts about CC and IP rights, here and here. I guess I’m not a bad suggestion for this search. 7/10, Google.
2. ‘Jester pictures’ – a common misconception. This is not a blog about Jesters. Try a search on Technorati. I have one picture of some Jesters. It’s here, but it’s not great.
3. I’ve been to Taiwan (pictures here) and I live in England. I’ve not exactly written a lot about it though. Perhaps I should.
4, 5. See 2.
6. Pass. Spaceman just makes me thing of that bad mid-90s song. Spacccceeee-man, etc.
7. Ah, now this I can help you with. My original post was here and you can buy them from JList (
8. Look, stop it. This is not the best place to look.
9. Blackpool, every time.
10.I’ve been to the Ossuary at Sedlec, the famous ‘Bone Church’ in the Czech Republic. My pictures are here.
11. Not sure, what sort of issues? Try the usual things: uninstall drivers, re-install the latest ones.
12. No, I’m not lying, I don’t have a secret cache.
13. See 7.
14. Ah, yeah. Nexus War ( Excellent online game, well worth a go.
15. Jesters are, by their nature, quite low-tech, I feel. Perhaps a modern monarch could get an RSS feed of his foolery, though? Prince William and Harry, if you are reading, YOU CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Spend our tax pounds on something more fun than polo, go on.
16. You probably dedicate your life to WoW – does your wardrobe need to suffer, too?
17. See 7.
18.STEROID-INDUCED PSYCHOSIS LAWSUITS? Well, where to start… I am, to put it bluntly, not expert on anything these words imply. Google has failed you.
19. If you’re in London, try Abeno on Museum St (reviews here). They make great Okonomyaki.
20… Umm, there’s only 19. Maybe reader number really wanted to be here 🙂


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