Politics and technology

My latest piece for Bit-Tech is up there now – well, actually it’s been up there a few days, I’ve just not had time to post it here. It’s all about the influence of politicians on technology, or rather, their lack of influence:

“Senator Stevens isn’t the only one who is, to put in bluntly, a n00b – here in the UK, Tony Blair getting his own e-mail account was regarded as an event so momentous that it deserved a report from the BBC Politicians are famous for not getting it – whether ‘it’ is popular music, video games, iPods, the menace posed by hooded jumpers and rappers – but when it comes to computer technology this ignorance has got to be seen as increasingly untenable. It’s time we made our elected representatives realise that they need to understand the technology and those issues in particular which are brought into focus by the internet, because it’s becoming increasingly integral to the way we live.”

The full article is online here.

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