A Trip To A Real Army Surplus Store

The weather’s turned grim, so the following sentence already seems very old and dated, yellowing around the corners: it was a busy end to the summer. I went to loads of events at the London Design Festival and blogged about them for Treacle Down, including trying my hands at a massive paint-by-numbers installation and checking out cool Japanese things at the Conran shop.

The Jesteress and I also went on a weekend away to Nottingham to visit an old friend of mine from uni. My friend and her lovely boyfriend (who’s a professional sculptor!) took us to Anchor Supplies, a genuine army surplus store. There was a lot more there than just the usual green jumpers and shirts with German flags on. I’ve put up a full set of photos at Flickr, here, but on this page are some of the highlights. The picture above is an ammo tin on rollers (£65 for the rollers), and below you can see the range of ammo tins they had, starting from a fiver upwards.

PCBs and all manner of electronics were very cheap:

Not quite sure why you’d want a hospital bed, but you could still buy them:

And don’t forget, of course, your bayonet sheath:

More images here.

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