Oasis Masterplan video, directed (sort of) by L. S. Lowry

I’ve always had a soft spot for Oasis. Partly this is just becuase I was the right age when they first appeared, but I loved the music, too. I remember getting Definitely Maybe with money from my 15th birthday and sitting in the car in Milton Keynes while my Mum had gone into the station, just surrounded by that amazing breathy-whistly-drum thumping opening to Live Forever… Well, 11 years later and Oasis are now on to a Greatest Hits compilation called Stop The Clocks. They’ve commissioned a couple of videos for some of their excellent B-sides, like this one for ‘The Masterplan.’ It’s based on the art of L. S. Lowry, instantly recongisable to me as my Grandma’s house has several prints of his hung in the hall. His sombre yet striking style suits the nature of the song;  the animation of Noel G looks a bit out of place, but the mimickry of Liam’s walk and the town itself is great.

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