Russell Crow: “I’ve got a beak!”

Still feeling a bit ill, so something that always makes me smile – Russell Crow’s “official” website. Russell the Crow, I should say. Don’t want to make the same mistake as those (almost too) unbelievable hicks and loonies in the guest book. Drawn by a friend of mine, the cartoons are ludicrously surreal and breathlesslyContinue reading “Russell Crow: “I’ve got a beak!””


No-one does monsters like the Japanese (Godzilla, Hello Kitty etc.) so it’s no surprise that Japanese folk-lore is full of creatures who could give the Bros. Grimm pantheon a good beating (now there’s an idea for a Streetfighter-style videogame…) Anyway, Neo Kaiju is a project that sees American designers re-making traditional Japanese monsters as collectibleContinue reading “MonsterMonsterMonster”

Welcome to London

Can’t be bothered to read Peter Ackroyd’s megalithic biography of the metropolis, but still want to be able to spout trivia about the obscure streets, strange names and unusual practices that the capital is built on? Check out This Isn’t London, a website of totally fake London history and facts…[via LMG] “Planning permission for theContinue reading “Welcome to London”

Pointing North: Updated

On the subject of yesterday’s LG Qiblah mobile phone post – it seems that the compass isn’t actually an active one. You simply select your location from a pre-programmed list of cities, and then the compass display’s Mecca’s direction. So it doesn’t use any fancy GPS or less fancy magnetic forces – which precludes entertainingContinue reading “Pointing North: Updated”

Even Sherlock Holmes was a sell out

Long before Beckham, Sherlock Holmes was taking the corporate pound (or maybe guinea, I don’t know his going rate). At least him and Watson do it with style – a far cry from that dire and desperate 50 Cent / Jay Z Reebok trainer ad.. Click for a bigger view so that you can see the excellent deduction in theContinue reading “Even Sherlock Holmes was a sell out”