I’m a stickler for imperfection, nonsense and gibberish

Another link purloined/leeched/half-inched (your choice, whether you’re dandy, geek or geezer) from the super-trendy (at least, I assume he is, judging by the cool stuff on his weblog) Josh Rubin. Apparently London based, Imperfectionist are interested in the “premise of collision and binary opposition.” Which is something I happen to be interested in too! WhatContinue reading “I’m a stickler for imperfection, nonsense and gibberish”

A minor adjustment to the T-shirt philosophy

TWJ seems to be getting a few hits from people looking at the original t-shirts post, which had a picture of a t-shirt with a strange yet striking image of butterflies twisting out of a Technics record player. The T-shirt was made by Eieio, whose website, according to the label on the shirt is http://www.eieioclothing.comContinue reading “A minor adjustment to the T-shirt philosophy”

“Dude, I serve society by rocking”

Threadless sent me an update e-mail last week, and they’ve restocked some very neat designs, including the one below “(M)P3”. If you’ve not seen Threadless before, it’s definitely worth checking out – essentially, it’s a community-based t-shirt place. Anyone can upload a design, Threadless users vote on it, and the best ones get printed. There’sContinue reading ““Dude, I serve society by rocking””

Geek Chic

The site name (Gameskins) might sound macabre, but they’ve got some good computer and videogame themed t-shirts. Couldn’t resist the one below, since it does a very nice job with the iconic (well at least to me) NES D-pad. Who needs 16 bit? Link. original