Let’s get sleeveless

Limb - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

It being so cold outside, it’s only natural, as you can see from this smiling girl, for the sartorial department of one’s mind to turn its attention to towards t-shirts. With its latest round of reprints, Threadless continues its journey to becoming the equivalent of Wikipedia when it comes to t-shirts on the web: ubiquitous, but still loved, and still capable of surprising in a good way. This one in particular – ‘Limb – is gorgeous.

For more t-shirts, check out the Funky Duds blog. It’s rather good.

Threadless Sale: For Those T-Shirts That Rock, We Salute You

Everyone’s favourite online t-shirt store, Threadless is having a sale – so if you’re buying in a currency that’s not dollars, their t-shirts now cost about as much as a Mars bar. Which is pretty good when they have rocking designs like this! Perfect to go with that copy of Guitar Hero 🙂

Threadless.com Product - Rock


Christmas In Tokyo

This year, I will be spending Christmas in Tokyo. Which is a little worrying.


Preparations for this, although they haven’t included learning "We Three Kings" in Japanese, have been hurried, many and varied, and I’ve also been busy working loads on upcoming issues of Custom PC so I have left the blog unattended for a bit.

Surprisingly, given it’s December, I’ve got quite a lot of t-shirt updates to do. The lovely worried image above is from a t-shirt design by Anko – appropriately enough an Anglo/Japanese company, which I picked up from Jean Snow’s blog.

CHE: Infamy, Infamy, They’ve… ALL… got it in for… me

posting this because of some vague sense of completism that is probably
a left over from my brief infatuation with Panini stickers. Because
this comes via the ever-marvellous
Boing Boing,
so everyone in the world ever has seen it already. But it is a very good t-shirt, so
I shouldn’t exclude it for simply for being popular. That would be reverting back
to my teenage angsty stage. And I have Green Day MP3s for that. And I have a fondness for comedy Che
revolutionaryness (crap_verb_alert!!) that stretches back to my student
days. Fight the Power, with Urban Medium.

Pic: Urban Medium


T-Shirts from Afar

Been a while since I’ve updated the t-shirts – I have been busy, with, among other things, beginning to learn Japanese. So Irasshaimase
to you all 🙂 Am doing it through language tapes, and at the moment
“we” (my tape friends and I) have introduced ourselves and are at the
generic-language-course coffee shop, ordering a drink. Makes you wonder if they could build a mall full of the coffee shops
from every language course and stick them all next to each other. How
surreal that would be, especially if you wandered into the wrong one… Anyway.
T-shirts. Japan, as you all probably know, has its weird side,
particularly when it comes to crazy merchandise. Hello Kitty being a good example. If you want to get that kind of stuff
over here, websites like JBox (link) import a range of Japanese market stuff
that runs from bizarre to… a zone of bizarre that’s indescribable in english. (Although JBox isn’t as scary as
partner site JList,
which includes adult stuff….) Anyway, JBox does a nice line in
Japan-inspired t-shirts, like the Domo-kun one below. Some of the
t-shirts are naffly
wide of the mark but some are very neat – there’s a great Totoro one,
showing the famous anime character. If you’re interested in Japan, you
should also sign up for JBox’s well-written newsletter, too – it’s a
very interesting and frequently astonishing read.

Pic: JBox


Eieio, Version 2.0

My first t-shirt post
highlighted excellent online store MoreTVicar, and in particular, a
brand called Eieio. I’ve just had an e-mail from one of their
designers, James, asking me to show off two more of their very cool designs (shown
below – click for an enlarged version). The speakers one in particular is very neat…
Eieio are also working on their
website, www.eieioclothing.com, which will feature an online store, and should be up at the end of September.

Pic: Eieio


Wear The Force

Baseball might be one of the dullest sports ever invented (any suggestions for other contenders, please e-mail me, but not with ‘Cricket’ or ‘Golf’, as I did consider these)… Anyway. Baseball. Dull. But, unlikely as it this sounds, it
has had a huge influence on fashion. One of, if not the, best trainer
ever, the Converse Allstar, was originally a baseball shoe. T-shirts,
with a white body and coloured arms, are based on baseball
shirts…  It’s a lot impressive a legacy than nylon Football
Baseball overshirts are also very cool, and, ever the canny marketeer,
George Lucas’s online Star Wars shop is selling some neat-looking
‘Sith’ baseball overshirts, with ‘Vader, 77’ on the back. They’re not
cheap, even with the devalued dollar, but they do look good. There’s
also (American) Football and Basketball Star Wars sports tops. Take a