The nicest piece of technology I have used all week

I have a lovely Macbook Pro laptop, a decent camera, dual-core work PC and an iPod, but the nicest piece of technology I have used all week is this: a drinks bottle. I picked it up on the way to work this morning (mostly because I’m getting over a cold and wanted something healthy, andContinue reading “The nicest piece of technology I have used all week”

On the Todo list: Japanese Human Tetris

The Jesteress, the most expert YouTuber I know, just sent me this link to an exerpt from a Japanese TV game show, where contestants play “human tetris”. They’re the last block and must complete the game by fitting into the shape in the advancing wall. It’s a funny watch, but even funnier was what happenedContinue reading “On the Todo list: Japanese Human Tetris”

The importance of real things being nice things

In a previous post on bloggers vs mainstream media, I wrote that: “When information is free and virtual, it’s important for real things to be nice things, to be good quality things, to be a guaranteed brilliant use of the reader’s very precious time.” More and more I’m coming to think this really is theContinue reading “The importance of real things being nice things”

If you still think Apple are cool…

….then I suggest you give their tech support line a call, and ask to be put on hold. It’s where I am right now, and here’s the music they’ve played at me so far: 1st – Horrible live version of "Every Breath You Take", featuring an extended bit where Sting does ‘shout outs’ to hisContinue reading “If you still think Apple are cool…”

Fantasy New Year’s Eve Party

Gather round… Philosophical journalist (Pop Philosopher? Celebrity Proust Fan? Oh, I don’t know) Writer Alain de Botton has a quick little post up on the Guardian’s Arts blog called ‘My Fantasy New Year’s Eve‘ where he picks out his ideal guests for NYE. Even better than Alain’s picks (Proust, Keira Knightley) are the comments: "MyContinue reading “Fantasy New Year’s Eve Party”

Some thoughts on keeping track of things

At the Custom PC Christmas lunch the other week, we ended up chatting about when we first came to regard internet access as an essential component of a PC. For me it was fairly late, as it took ages to get a broadband connection set up when I came to London after finishing my MAContinue reading “Some thoughts on keeping track of things”