Two Rainy Islands: England and Taiwan

  Holloway    Originally uploaded by Sifter. Dan over at Suitcasing has an interesing post up, briefly and neatly contrasting life in two rainy islands – England and Taiwan. "Many parts of England seem to live in a vast, imaginary world – football is a good example. English football takes place inside a Wagnerian epicContinue reading “Two Rainy Islands: England and Taiwan”

What would waspish historian David Starkey be like as a chat show host?

This is the question that I rather unexpectedly had answered while channel-hopping through the more obscure reaches of cable TV space. More4, the third spin-off channel from Channel 4 (following FilmFour and E4) is supposed to show more cerebral stuff, but even I was surprised by The Last Word, a chat show hosted by historianContinue reading “What would waspish historian David Starkey be like as a chat show host?”

Computers, sex and glamour

If you read enough (or even a little) about gadgets, technology and computers, sooner or later, you’ll find some journalists using the phrase “sex appeal” to describe a small, metal electrical gizmo. This is misguided, and lazy: firstly, if PCs genuinely did have to exude sex appeal to propagate as a species, the vast majorityContinue reading “Computers, sex and glamour”