Pentax Optio S4i – If Pandora had a camera, rather than a box

Since I work for a high-end computer magazine, Custom PC (btw, our website isn’t great, don’t blame me, it’s not really controlled by the people on the magazine’s editorial side…), I get the chance to play with some very neat gadgets. At the moment, I’ve got a Pentax Optio S4i camera, which is, as with all good gadgets, a) tiny and b)Continue reading “Pentax Optio S4i – If Pandora had a camera, rather than a box”

Even Sherlock Holmes was a sell out

Long before Beckham, Sherlock Holmes was taking the corporate pound (or maybe guinea, I don’t know his going rate). At least him and Watson do it with style – a far cry from that dire and desperate 50 Cent / Jay Z Reebok trainer ad.. Click for a bigger view so that you can see the excellent deduction in theContinue reading “Even Sherlock Holmes was a sell out”