Creative Commons: Copyright evolves

Not sure whether to stick this in ‘Tech’, ‘Cool’, or create a ‘Just Listen To This!’ category. Anyway. This site, including the photos, is now licensed not under completely out-dated copyright, but by a Creative Commons license. There’s a great explanation in the form of a comic here or you can check out their excellentContinue reading “Creative Commons: Copyright evolves”

Welcome to London

Can’t be bothered to read Peter Ackroyd’s megalithic biography of the metropolis, but still want to be able to spout trivia about the obscure streets, strange names and unusual practices that the capital is built on? Check out This Isn’t London, a website of totally fake London history and facts…[via LMG] “Planning permission for theContinue reading “Welcome to London”

Pointing North: Updated

On the subject of yesterday’s LG Qiblah mobile phone post – it seems that the compass isn’t actually an active one. You simply select your location from a pre-programmed list of cities, and then the compass display’s Mecca’s direction. So it doesn’t use any fancy GPS or less fancy magnetic forces – which precludes entertainingContinue reading “Pointing North: Updated”

Pentax Optio S4i – If Pandora had a camera, rather than a box

Since I work for a high-end computer magazine, Custom PC (btw, our website isn’t great, don’t blame me, it’s not really controlled by the people on the magazine’s editorial side…), I get the chance to play with some very neat gadgets. At the moment, I’ve got a Pentax Optio S4i camera, which is, as with all good gadgets, a) tiny and b)Continue reading “Pentax Optio S4i – If Pandora had a camera, rather than a box”