Russell Crow: “I’ve got a beak!”

Still feeling a bit ill, so something that always makes me smile – Russell Crow’s “official” website. Russell the Crow, I should say. Don’t want to make the same mistake as those (almost too) unbelievable hicks and loonies in the guest book. Drawn by a friend of mine, the cartoons are ludicrously surreal and breathlesslyContinue reading “Russell Crow: “I’ve got a beak!””


No-one does monsters like the Japanese (Godzilla, Hello Kitty etc.) so it’s no surprise that Japanese folk-lore is full of creatures who could give the Bros. Grimm pantheon a good beating (now there’s an idea for a Streetfighter-style videogame…) Anyway, Neo Kaiju is a project that sees American designers re-making traditional Japanese monsters as collectibleContinue reading “MonsterMonsterMonster”

How could they make the Optio S4i better?

…By adding an X! The coolest letter of them all. Although that’s not all they’ve done – Pentax’s Optio X is tiny and is probably the first digi-cam I’ve seen that makes a decent go of the twisting body design concept. It’s 3x optical zoom / 5x mega pixels. Given it’s tiny dimensions (11cm byContinue reading “How could they make the Optio S4i better?”

I spent the summer wasting

Well, I didn’t actually… but while there’s still some summer left, I’ve posted a couple more photos taken over the last few months, showing just how *nice* the capital looks when its streets are filled with sunlight. This is because I, like millions of Londoners, live in fear of the terrible shade of grey allContinue reading “I spent the summer wasting”

Rollercoaster weekend…

…Literally. Spent a long weekend in Blackpool, and on Friday, I went to the Pleasure Beachwhich is a massive theme park with a lot of rollercoasters crammed in to a small space. It’s not quite as high concept as a lot of other theme parks (like Alton Towers), but, like Blackpool itself, manages to createContinue reading “Rollercoaster weekend…”