Where you’re from

Traffic to the site has leap to previously unheard of levels, such as double-figures… 😉 Partly because the excellent Josh Rubin’s Cool Hunting linked to me (“we’re not worthy” he thinks, showing his age), as did “gay internet society pioneer” (his own words, not mine) Honeytom. Honeytom is another of my friends blogging in theContinue reading “Where you’re from”

I’m a stickler for imperfection, nonsense and gibberish

Another link purloined/leeched/half-inched (your choice, whether you’re dandy, geek or geezer) from the super-trendy (at least, I assume he is, judging by the cool stuff on his weblog) Josh Rubin. Apparently London based, Imperfectionist are interested in the “premise of collision and binary opposition.” Which is something I happen to be interested in too! WhatContinue reading “I’m a stickler for imperfection, nonsense and gibberish”