The world through someone else’s eyes

Just a quick post today – life contains to be busy, and I’ve still not got a new camera, as the Optio S4i has been phased out, while its successor, the 5 megapixel S5i, has yet to show up as available. However, a couple of photo related links, both from excellent gadget weblog Engadget. ClickContinue reading “The world through someone else’s eyes”

The Ossuary at Sedlec: Gone but never forgotten

Back in the Spring I visited Prague. As everyone says, it is wonderful. It’s an incredibly popular place to go for one of these sexy “city break” holidays (strangely sexy when you consider it’s just saying “a holiday that’s shorter than you’d like and tries to cram in as much as usual). One of theContinue reading “The Ossuary at Sedlec: Gone but never forgotten”

CHE: Infamy, Infamy, They’ve… ALL… got it in for… me

I’m posting this because of some vague sense of completism that is probably a left over from my brief infatuation with Panini stickers. Because this comes via the ever-marvellous Boing Boing, so everyone in the world ever has seen it already. But it is a very good t-shirt, so I shouldn’t exclude it for simplyContinue reading “CHE: Infamy, Infamy, They’ve… ALL… got it in for… me”

The Only Cubist Lampost In The World(TM)

Having problems getting hold of a camera at the moment (deceitful internet sites claiming to have stock and then turning out to be mistaken…) So I’ve been sorting through some slightly older photos. I took this when I went to Prague in the spring. It is exactly what the title suggests. There are some more,Continue reading “The Only Cubist Lampost In The World(TM)”

Never trust a pirate, mateys, ARRRRRRHARRRHAARRR

Avast there, ye land-lubbin’ surfin’ types. Now, we done promised the last pirate post would be the last. And the one before that, ’tis true, aye. But never trust a pirate where there’s rum involved! Rum? Arrr, lads, rum for us all! Get your practice in, this Sunday is INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAYContinue reading “Never trust a pirate, mateys, ARRRRRRHARRRHAARRR”