Deciding what to read, start of 2009 edition

Normally, I’ve got zero interest in what the press write in previews for books of the year – the combination of the fact few papers have book journalists and the need to add some celebrity spice to any and every piece means they normally turn over the preview to vaguely well known writers and politicians,Continue reading “Deciding what to read, start of 2009 edition”

Books I’ve Read, 2009

In keeping with pretty much the only tradition I keep , there will now follow a list of the books I’ve read this year, with short reviews, and even shorter star ratings. This year I’m going to photograph all the books I read in a suitable location/situation as well: 2009 cover project. Previously: Books from 2005Continue reading “Books I’ve Read, 2009”

My Favourite Piece of Travel Writing

My favourite piece of travel writing is short and to the point, but it questions everything about ‘here’ and calls to mind perfectly the change of ‘there’ that is its lure. It is a description of people in an airport, and how easily they strike up conversation with each other. They are: ‘Strangers rendered open-heartedContinue reading “My Favourite Piece of Travel Writing”

What I’m Reading This Week

Noel Gallagher’s blog1. Don’t worry, it’s funnier than Be Here Now. Now, Noel might not have written a decent tune since back when Tony Blair was popular, but if you’ve ever seen him in an interview (or the excellent documentary, Live Forever2) you’ll know that he’s very funny and pretty savvy. Oasis have a newContinue reading “What I’m Reading This Week”

What I’m Reading This Week: US Election 2008 blogs

A short post about what I’ve been reading this week. Hence the name. This week, blogs about the American election. I’ve always had an interest in politics, and this election has completely drawn me in. It has all the elements of fine drama – a hopeful protagonist and a shady nemesis, stunning reversals and HollywoodContinue reading “What I’m Reading This Week: US Election 2008 blogs”

Books I’ve Read, 2008

Book, film or song, I’ve always been attracted to those that open with style. Whether it’s the first Lord of the Rings, with its elegiac mix of mist, mountains and myth, or the geeky, poser-cool of Neuromancer’s dead TV sky, the chiming riff of the Stone Roses’ Waterfall, the pleasure of entering a convincing, beguilingContinue reading “Books I’ve Read, 2008”

David Mitchell on writing

Unlike a lot of novelists, David Mitchell doesn’t do a lot (if any, actually?) journalism, so the lulls in between his novels can be hard for rabid entirely reasonable fans of his like myself. Having just finished his latest book, Black Swan Green, I’ve been ploughing the interwebs to see what’s out there, and itContinue reading “David Mitchell on writing”