David Mitchell on writing

Unlike a lot of novelists, David Mitchell doesn’t do a lot (if any, actually?) journalism, so the lulls in between his novels can be hard for rabid entirely reasonable fans of his like myself. Having just finished his latest book, Black Swan Green, I’ve been ploughing the interwebs to see what’s out there, and itContinue reading “David Mitchell on writing”

Barry Miles and International Times: ‘The invisible insurrection of a million minds’

Last week I went to a panel discussion on magazines; although I took notes on all three speakers, I ended up with loads from the talk by Barry Miles, co-founder of 60s underground paper International Times (Wikipedia). He talked at length about I.T.’s genesis, launch party and development, which I found fascinating. Here are myContinue reading “Barry Miles and International Times: ‘The invisible insurrection of a million minds’”

Holbein – real, unreal, super real

[This was originally posted on Treacle Down, my London blog] Finally made it to Tate Britain’s ‘Holbein In England’ exhibition, which I’ve been desperate to go to since the end of the Summer! It was brilliant, but because pretty much everyone is on holiday at the moment, absolutely packed. This meant it was difficult toContinue reading “Holbein – real, unreal, super real”

A Worm’s Eye View: Some site updates and more

Some brief site updates: thanks to Blogharbor support, I’ve fixed the site’s URL so that http://www.thewiredjester.co.uk works properly (i.e. it no longer just does a simple re-direct). This was done using a CNAME setting at 1 and 1, where I bought the domain from, and a quick e-mail to Blog Harbor’s support department to sortContinue reading “A Worm’s Eye View: Some site updates and more”

Writing: In Cold Blood, In Hot Blood

Half way through the film Capote, I did find myself wondering if ‘In Cold Blood’ would have happened had Capote had a weblog, because for most of the film he’s not writing. (Of course, I’m assuming the film’s depiction of In Cold Blood’s creative process is true); but for the vast majority of the film,Continue reading “Writing: In Cold Blood, In Hot Blood”