Lost In Translation: Translator Etiquette

Pretty much all the IT hardware I see at work comes from outside the UK, and while some of it is designed in the US, a good deal comes from Taiwan. Despite the fact that I’ve met plenty of Taiwanese through work, and the fact that my Chinese doesn’t really go beyond ‘ni hao’ (andContinue reading “Lost In Translation: Translator Etiquette”

PSP Games Aren’t All Dull Ports

My first column for the excellent website Bit-Tech is now up, and it looks at two original PSP games, the Japan-only Beit Hell 2000 and Exit. "Although it is a mini-game compilation, it’s a lot stranger than that: having played it for the past couple of months, you could perhaps describe Beit Hell as aContinue reading “PSP Games Aren’t All Dull Ports”

How To Become A Sushi Master

Sent to me by a friend, an excellent – if slightly fanatical "How to eat sushi" guide: "If four or more of the [warning] conditions above are met, leave the place immediately and head to a different restaurant." It’s an entertaining and insightful read – it mentions the wonderful "kohada" which I enjoyed last ChristmasContinue reading “How To Become A Sushi Master”

A New Year Message: “Contemplation, Loveful”

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month! Same to your modem, as my bandwidth counter has now reset, and I can update properly again. Working on another new post about Japan, but in lieu of that, a photo I snapped after doing the washing when we got back home, and it’sContinue reading “A New Year Message: “Contemplation, Loveful””