All licensed, all welcome

Hello! Welcome to my weblog, The Wired Jester.

TWJ – almost the same acronym as the Wall Street Journal, so hopefully that will confer some authority. Or maybe not. No, the name was mainly chosen becuase I do like Jesters and Fools. The most famous Fool is the strange and melancholy one in Shakespeare’s King Lear. He’s the King’s constant companion, an observer, a comic and responsible for some lovely, strange speeches. Goneril, Lear’s daughter, isn’t exactly fond of him, and moans, early on:

Goneril: Not only, sir, this your all-licens’d fool,
But other of your insolent retinue
Do hourly carp and quarrel, breaking forth
In rank and not-to-be-endured riots.

And this has exactly what to do with a weblog? Well, I like the idea of “all-licens’d” – the idea that, at the court at least, the Fool was the one who could say whatever he liked…

TWJ isn’t about any one thing in particular, and it changes as time goes on: at one time or another, it has been about T-Shirts and books, but now it’s more about technology. It’s always had my photos on it, although I now use Flickr for that. At some point I also want to start collecting links to the articles I’ve written over the past few years as a journalist.

I should of course note that this website reflects my own opinions, and not those of my employer….