It was a sign

This pic comes via a whole bunch of places I’ve noy seen before (a nice-looking place called Midnight Revue and then they got it from the weird-ish A Moveable Beast),
but the message is good. It’s from one of those billboards churches in
the US tend to have outside, trying to tempt roadside sinners

Pic: A Moveable Beast


Super Brain Panic!

Now that I am older and wiser, I have seen anime like Laputa and Spirited Away and realised that don’t giant robots from the future are not integral to Japanese animation (technically, Laputa does have
robots, but they’re sort of organic and…) Still, it was Ghost In The Shell that got me hooked on anime in the first place, and there’s still few things on celluloid quite as enjoyable as giant Japanese-drawn robots stylishly blowing things up. Terratag has some fantastic anime-inspired t-shirts, which combine, in their words, "ultimate machines and typographic force." Great gallery of concept art too.

I spent the summer wasting

Russell Square 2

Well, I didn’t actually… but while there’s still some summer left, I’ve posted a couple more photos taken over the last few months, showing just how *nice* the capital looks when its streets are filled with sunlight. This is because I, like millions of Londoners, live in fear of the terrible shade of grey all the concrete turns as soon as Autumn comes and it starts raining…

SNES v Mega Drive, (which I first mentioned here),
who have a cool range of video-game inspired t-shirts, has just updated
their stock. Pick of the bunch: their ’16 bit’ design. While they used
the NES’s D-pad as the graphic for the 8-bit version, this new one pays
tribute to the the Mega Drive, proudly advertising its amazing 7MHz
processor… Now all you need is an old copy of Golden Axe or Road



Rollercoaster weekend…

The Climb

…Literally. Spent a long weekend in Blackpool, and on Friday, I went to the Pleasure Beachwhich is a massive theme park with a lot of rollercoasters crammed in to a small space. It’s not quite as high concept as a lot of other theme parks (like Alton Towers), but, like Blackpool itself, manages to
create a surreal-yet-shabby atmosphere that I’ve never found anywhere else. It’s like an alternate universe that’s only slightly changed – you know it’s different, but you’re not quite sure how…

A minor adjustment to the T-shirt philosophy

TWJ seems to be getting a few hits from people looking at the original t-shirts post,
which had a picture of a t-shirt with a strange yet striking image of
butterflies twisting out of a Technics record player. The T-shirt was
made by Eieio, whose website, according to the label on the shirt is – however, there’s nothing there at the moment other than a domain name holding page.

Got another Threadless
update e-mail today – they’ve finally reprinted the t-shirt below, the
brilliant ‘Follow It’ design. Last Threadless post for a while, I

Pic: Threadless


“Dude, I serve society by rocking”

Threadless sent me an update e-mail last week, and they’ve restocked some very neat designs, including the one below “(M)P3”. If you’ve not seen Threadless before, it’s definitely worth checking out – essentially, it’s a community-based t-shirt place. Anyone can upload a design, Threadless users vote on it, and the best ones get printed. There’s some clever and brilliant graphic work going on over there, and it’s (for once) worth registering, just so you can see the candidates for the next round of t-shirts. Plus, for people in the UK, it’s very cheap, thanks to the dollar 🙂

Behind the scenes

Perhaps it’s time for some more background information on this blog, since it’s been rolling for a couple of weeks now, and the initial explanation got a little off the point. Ahem. So here we are: I suppose I see this place as having two functions – one, as a place to put all my photos, and two, to be a nice distraction, something entertaining and interesting, just for a few minutes. A jester’s act.

In honour of the title, I’ve posted a couple of pictures of Jester puppets that I took in Prague earlier in the year. There’s a lot of puppets in Prague – most are low-grade tourist mulch, but some are incredibly detailed little statues with complex controls that give them an uincanny sense of motion….

I’ve also added a couple of tech functions: a domain name ( and e-mail addresses: drop me a line at alexwatson117 [–at–] googlemail [dot] comif you’ve got anything to say…