Virtual reality, then and now

In the 1980s and 1990s, the term ‘virtual reality’ was understood to mean the creation of reality inside the computer – and thus we would need to experience it using complex imaging and interaction systems (3D googles, cursors mapped to the movement of a glove etc.) The implication behind this was the reality itself wouldContinue reading “Virtual reality, then and now”

Drops wet cement on unsuspecting crippled children: Web 2.0 vandalism

By now you’ve hopefully seen Juno; it’s a wonderful film with a sharp script and well drawn characters. It uses music beautifully, too. Rather than simply whacking it down as a thudding backbeat to some flash images (CSI), or using overfamiliar tunes to prop up dead scenes, the team behind Juno make the music integralContinue reading “Drops wet cement on unsuspecting crippled children: Web 2.0 vandalism”

Blog not popular? No worries, just obsess over your Flickr stats instead

I know, from careful perusal of my blog stats, that The Wired Jester appeals to a select, discerning audience: mostly people looking for information on the not-quite famous footballer who shares my name, some after information on Wolf Pillows, and every now and then my brother. Despite this, I do check the numbers quite regularly,Continue reading “Blog not popular? No worries, just obsess over your Flickr stats instead”

It’s finally here: the new

And I am so relieved. For the past 18 months or so, helping create a new website for Custom PC has been something of an obsession for me. I’ve talked endlessly about it on flights, in bars, in many, many meetings and bored the Jesteress to tears with all my ideas and frustrations. I’ve scribbledContinue reading “It’s finally here: the new”

Flickr definitions: is an image worth a thousand words?

The phrase ‘in the dictionary, next to X, there’s a picture of you’ (where X is a negative term like stupidity) is a bit of an old comic standby – there’s a brilliant Simpsons episode based around it – and it works so well as a joke because it recognises the truth of another oldContinue reading “Flickr definitions: is an image worth a thousand words?”

Joost invites all gone – I wonder why?

The post title says it all – took a little over 24 hours, but my latest Joost invites are now all gone. The lucky recipients were: * McGuyver * Tony Jones of Compelling Content * Alan Hussey * Perry Taylor When Joost next dole out some more invites, I’ll put a post up, same asContinue reading “Joost invites all gone – I wonder why?”