April Cycling BHAG Update

(Meet The BHAG) April has been close to perfect for the BHAG. It has luxuriated under sunny skies the whole month long and been satiated by many, many miles. The commute home has become slightly shorter and tougher, thanks to the Olympics. Woolwich common is covered in building works for shooting events, so right at the endContinue reading “April Cycling BHAG Update”

February Cycling BHAG Update

(Meet The BHAG) It’s starting to get warmer; I’ve discarded the winter cap from under the helmet and the big thick winter gloves are gone too. The winter riding gear I settled on in November – Rapha Merino underlayer, Berghaus t-shirt and softshell jacket combo – is starting to feel a bit too warm, particularly as I’mContinue reading “February Cycling BHAG Update”

The 2011 Cycling BHAG

At work at the moment, we’re contemplating the BHAG (pronounced ‘bee hag.’) The BHAG isn’t an old crone. It is, perhaps, slightly monstrous. Certainly, it should provoke a small amount of fear, a smidgen, a brief, cold press up against your heart. Mainly though, it should be inspiring. The BHAG is the Big Hairy AudaciousContinue reading “The 2011 Cycling BHAG”

The best book I read last year was The Odyssey

2010 was often a rotten year, both in books and out of books. Not that I am blaming the books you understand. If anything, there was comfort to be taken from the fact the pages did not misunderstand me by being full of sweetness and light. Instead the books I read were often frustrating, fullContinue reading “The best book I read last year was The Odyssey”

Added to the wishlist: How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One

[Book] Via a review that’s interesting in and of itself, in the FT: “Fish is a sentence connoisseur who describes his enthusiasm as akin to a sports fan’s love of highlights, and relishes the craft… [The book shows] the form and rhythm of sentences communicates as much meaning as their factual content, whether we’re consciousContinue reading “Added to the wishlist: How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One”

Books I’ve Read, 2011

Previously: 2005 and 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Kicking this year off with a selection from The Big Book of Dick(TM), a birthday present from a friend with an equally tawdry/literary sensibility. I’ve never never actually read any Philip K. Dick before, so looking forward to it. As before, this post will be updated throughout theContinue reading “Books I’ve Read, 2011”

Where you come from, where you go

I went to New York last week, mostly for work, but I had two free days at the end to explore the city. I took, as always, a Lonely Planet guidebook, but most of the time I built a list of places to go from going online. It strikes me now how easy the world has become,Continue reading “Where you come from, where you go”