Virtual reality, then and now

In the 1980s and 1990s, the term ‘virtual reality’ was understood to mean the creation of reality inside the computer – and thus we would need to experience it using complex imaging and interaction systems (3D googles, cursors mapped to the movement of a glove etc.) The implication behind this was the reality itself wouldContinue reading “Virtual reality, then and now”

No, I don’t want my photo taken

Another excellent set of photos on The Big Picture today, focussing this time on animals in the zoo. As always with The Big Picture, there’s a real (if subtle) sense of a narrative running through the post, thanks to the ordering of the shots. I couldn’t help but be grabbed by this one of aContinue reading “No, I don’t want my photo taken”

Voodoo Economics: the credit crunch explained

Like many people I suspect, I’ve been wondering about the credit crunch. About what it is – other than a little lego block of language – about how real it is, how real all these stratospheric amounts of money being talked about. Wondering, I think, about what, in context of the CC, ‘money’ is. DigitsContinue reading “Voodoo Economics: the credit crunch explained”

From the ‘what-were-they-thinking-department’: The Chair ‘O Bears!

Today I had to visit Harrods to buy some presents for relatives and friends I’ll soon be visiting overseas (don’t ask me why, but they all want Harrods tote bags); while there, I spotted this monstrosity – an oversized armchair made from minced up teddy bears. Children walking past it were both fascinated and shocked.Continue reading “From the ‘what-were-they-thinking-department’: The Chair ‘O Bears!”

What I’m Reading This Week: US Election 2008 blogs

A short post about what I’ve been reading this week. Hence the name. This week, blogs about the American election. I’ve always had an interest in politics, and this election has completely drawn me in. It has all the elements of fine drama – a hopeful protagonist and a shady nemesis, stunning reversals and HollywoodContinue reading “What I’m Reading This Week: US Election 2008 blogs”

Domains of the strange, mad and sad

Mass games, Pyongyang. Photo: Lawrence Hudson. 1984 was one of the first novels I read that really grabbed me: I hit it at just the right age and at just the right time of year – a quiet teenager holding the book in a blowy spring that was full of bright cold days and peopleContinue reading “Domains of the strange, mad and sad”