No, I don’t want my photo taken

Another excellent set of photos on The Big Picture today, focussing this time on animals in the zoo. As always with The Big Picture, there’s a real (if subtle) sense of a narrative running through the post, thanks to the ordering of the shots. I couldn’t help but be grabbed by this one of aContinue reading “No, I don’t want my photo taken”

Too much Photoshop

When is too much in Photoshop? This article (translated from Danish) tells the story of a photographer who entered a competition, and was then asked to send unedited samples of his images. The article reproduces the pictures – before and after – so you can judge for yourself if there’s too much editing going on.Continue reading “Too much Photoshop”

Input from everybody – Peleliu links

I ended up on Peleliu more by accident than design; I have family living on Palau, so my partner and I went to visit, and Peleliu seemed like an interesting day trip. I took the photos, wrote up the guide’s stories and did some Googling when I got back. One of the nice things aboutContinue reading “Input from everybody – Peleliu links”

Thousand Yard Stares: Ruins and Ghosts of the Battle of Peleliu, 1944, 2008

Peleliu is a small island that forms part of the nation of Palau in the Pacific. It’s about five hours flying time south of Japan and three hours east of the Philippines. It’s now, like the rest of Palau, beautiful, peaceful and home to more shades of blue in the sea and sky than youContinue reading “Thousand Yard Stares: Ruins and Ghosts of the Battle of Peleliu, 1944, 2008”

If you’ve ever wanted a dSLR, now is a good time

Amazon is selling the Nikon D40, with its 18-55mm kit lens, for the low low price of £246 (41% less than what I paid for it). The D40 is the dSLR I talked myself into buying in January 2007; although it’s since been replaced by the D40X (a ten megapixel version), and then the D60Continue reading “If you’ve ever wanted a dSLR, now is a good time”

Cover project 2009: photos of book covers

This year, as well as recording the books I’ve read, I’m also going to take pictures of them. The idea is that the photo will in some way reflect the contents, style and/or writing, or perhaps what I learned from reading it. The covers will be added to this post, and will also be inContinue reading “Cover project 2009: photos of book covers”

A post in 2 parts: Mark Rothko and Camerabag

Took the shot above yesterday at Tate Modern, and it’s the first one I’ve got from the iPhone’s camera that I’ve been really happy with. It’s from Tate’s excellent Mark Rothko exhibition… Part 1: Overheard at Mark Rothko Well, I say it’s excellent, but that’s if you like Rothko. If you don’t, it’s fair toContinue reading “A post in 2 parts: Mark Rothko and Camerabag”

On the quality of the iPhone’s camera

Autumn in the shire Originally uploaded by Sifter I’d been weighing up getting an iPhone for a while, ever since the new and improved 3G one launched. My existing contract with Orange featured rapacious data costs and distinctly rubbish data speeds, so the iPhone/02 combo of Exchange email, a decent mobile web browser and all-you-can-eatContinue reading “On the quality of the iPhone’s camera”

How to make a low-fi, low cost camera tripod

In a rare example of the Wired Jester linking to something both useful and current, here is a clearly, if laconically narrated video showing how to make a low-fi, low cost, portable replacement for a camera tripod. Hopefully I’ll get a bit of time this weekend or the next; also reminds me I need toContinue reading “How to make a low-fi, low cost camera tripod”