If you still think Apple are cool…

….then I suggest you give their tech support line a call, and ask to be put on hold. It’s where I am right now, and here’s the music they’ve played at me so far: 1st – Horrible live version of "Every Breath You Take", featuring an extended bit where Sting does ‘shout outs’ to hisContinue reading “If you still think Apple are cool…”

The Digital SLR Camera Conundrum

Ever since I started using Flickr and got my own digital camera, I’ve been getting more and more into photography. It might be the competitive impulse that Flickr’s well documented game-like elements introduce (Flickr originally began life as a game called Game Never Ending), or the fact that once you’ve got a digital camera andContinue reading “The Digital SLR Camera Conundrum”

Lost In Translation: Translator Etiquette

Pretty much all the IT hardware I see at work comes from outside the UK, and while some of it is designed in the US, a good deal comes from Taiwan. Despite the fact that I’ve met plenty of Taiwanese through work, and the fact that my Chinese doesn’t really go beyond ‘ni hao’ (andContinue reading “Lost In Translation: Translator Etiquette”

Top 10 Unique Game Controllers

Another article of mine is up at Bit-Tech – a top 10 list of ‘unique’ game controllers: “There’s only so far you can go with a traditional gamepad. A few talented, brave and frankly bonkers designers have managed to convince and cajole their corporate paymasters into creating a special, unique add-on controller, solely for theirContinue reading “Top 10 Unique Game Controllers”