It’s finally here: the new

And I am so relieved. For the past 18 months or so, helping create a new website for Custom PC has been something of an obsession for me. I’ve talked endlessly about it on flights, in bars, in many, many meetings and bored the Jesteress to tears with all my ideas and frustrations. I’ve scribbledContinue reading “It’s finally here: the new”

The nicest piece of technology I have used all week

I have a lovely Macbook Pro laptop, a decent camera, dual-core work PC and an iPod, but the nicest piece of technology I have used all week is this: a drinks bottle. I picked it up on the way to work this morning (mostly because I’m getting over a cold and wanted something healthy, andContinue reading “The nicest piece of technology I have used all week”

The iPhone: Apple’s best defence

A friend of mine works as a news journalist for PA out in New York, and as Apple’s iPhone is due for launch very soon, he’s writing a story and asked me for some thoughts on it. It’s always interesting to help out with someone’s research, as it gives you an opportunity to give someContinue reading “The iPhone: Apple’s best defence”

An old school journalist does new media

As I mentioned in my previous post about heading off to Computex with a bag weighed down with AV kit, at work, we’re really pushing on with expanding what we, technically a bunch of magazine journalists, do. When I joined, close to four years ago, I wrote articles for a magazine. In the past year,Continue reading “An old school journalist does new media”

Joost invites all gone – I wonder why?

The post title says it all – took a little over 24 hours, but my latest Joost invites are now all gone. The lucky recipients were: * McGuyver * Tony Jones of Compelling Content * Alan Hussey * Perry Taylor When Joost next dole out some more invites, I’ll put a post up, same asContinue reading “Joost invites all gone – I wonder why?”

Finally, a use for PCI-E 1x slots

If you’ve bought a new motherboard in the past year or so, as well as 16x PCI Express slots for hot new graphics cards, it’s probably also got 1x PCI-E slots. Aside from some high-end RAID cards and other assorted exotica, there’s not been anything useful for the masses to stick in these; well, noContinue reading “Finally, a use for PCI-E 1x slots”

Can the PlayStation 3 do anything right?

Like many tech journalists, I’ve certainly done my fair share of Sony hating. What makes Sony such an exasperating company for me is its past: Sony used to make technology that was genuinely interesting, inspired even, and it was worth buying. Its stuff used to be so good. I wrote a review of an all-in-oneContinue reading “Can the PlayStation 3 do anything right?”

It’s never a good time to buy anything (aka, damn you the Nikon D40x)

I’ve just finished writing my column for the latest issue of Custom PC, and was focussing on how many e-mails we get from readers who want to know when the best time to buy a graphics card is. It depends on how you look at it, I wrote: if you want the most speed forContinue reading “It’s never a good time to buy anything (aka, damn you the Nikon D40x)”