An old school journalist does new media

As I mentioned in my previous post about heading off to Computex with a bag weighed down with AV kit, at work, we’re really pushing on with expanding what we, technically a bunch of magazine journalists, do. When I joined, close to four years ago, I wrote articles for a magazine. In the past year,Continue reading “An old school journalist does new media”

Computex 2007: Every bag tells a story

Tomorrow I’m off to Taiwan for the Computex trade show; while Spring’s Cebit is physically bigger and CES is shinier, Computex is the one that really matters for Custom PC; its main focus is on PC components, and it’s in the hometown of the big kit manufacturers. As well as being a lot warmer thanContinue reading “Computex 2007: Every bag tells a story”

Barry Miles and International Times: ‘The invisible insurrection of a million minds’

Last week I went to a panel discussion on magazines; although I took notes on all three speakers, I ended up with loads from the talk by Barry Miles, co-founder of 60s underground paper International Times (Wikipedia). He talked at length about I.T.’s genesis, launch party and development, which I found fascinating. Here are myContinue reading “Barry Miles and International Times: ‘The invisible insurrection of a million minds’”

Notes from Dispense and Connect: On the past, present and future of magazines

Earlier this week, I went to Dispense and Connect at the Southbank Centre, an event that was part of its current ‘100 ideas’ season. It was a panel talk about magazines; given this vague, expansive topic the three panellists each set and answered their own questions. First up was Bice Curiger, editor of art magContinue reading “Notes from Dispense and Connect: On the past, present and future of magazines”

The importance of real things being nice things

In a previous post on bloggers vs mainstream media, I wrote that: “When information is free and virtual, it’s important for real things to be nice things, to be good quality things, to be a guaranteed brilliant use of the reader’s very precious time.” More and more I’m coming to think this really is theContinue reading “The importance of real things being nice things”

Bloggers versus Mainstream Media

"Print media is what it is. I can’t imagine anyone will be printing news on paper twenty years from now in the industrialized world" – the infamous Mike Arrington. The bloggers have been tearing lumps out of the "mainstream media" again today, after rumours of trouble and lay offs at the San Francisco Chronicle hitContinue reading “Bloggers versus Mainstream Media”

The Custom PC Podcast

At work we’ve just launched our first podcast. I’m very excited, since I’ve been really keen for us to do more stuff online and we’ve basically gone from talking about it to having it ready in just a couple of weeks. We managed to put the recording kit together for about £250, and considering weContinue reading “The Custom PC Podcast”

Questions about the flannel panel

While it’s well known that computers have a tendency to iteratively generate linguistic geekery – acronyms, memes, slang – magazines also have their own weird and wonderful dialect. In the English-Magazine dictionary, a ‘flannel panel‘ is basically the team sheet for a magazine. It lists who works on the mag, their job titles, contact details,Continue reading “Questions about the flannel panel”

Custom PC web reading

Finally – managed to do something I’ve had my eye on doing for ages. I’ve uploaded the first CPC webreading on the site, a regular little article that rounds up five interesting, tangentially tech related links from around the web. You wouldn’t believe how long (and how tricky) it’s taken to do this… butContinue reading “Custom PC web reading”

Lost In Translation: Translator Etiquette

Pretty much all the IT hardware I see at work comes from outside the UK, and while some of it is designed in the US, a good deal comes from Taiwan. Despite the fact that I’ve met plenty of Taiwanese through work, and the fact that my Chinese doesn’t really go beyond ‘ni hao’ (andContinue reading “Lost In Translation: Translator Etiquette”